Whether You Are Putting Too Much Effort into a Relationship: Where to Draw the Lined

Do you feel like you're putting too much effort into a relationship? Young people these days, most of whom are so busy with work that they don't have much time left for their partner, let alone you dating a wealthy elite single , that they don't have time for a relationship.

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The effort you put in depends on what you and your partner expect.

Have you been working for them? Sacrifice time at the gym, training classes, and cooking for your partner to keep his or her family and friends happy. If he does the same to you, then that's good news, and if not, you may have invested too much time and energy in maintaining your relationship.

1. You feel slighted. Everyone will be looked down upon at some time in their life, whether for family or work. Maybe your partner is very busy or stressed at work. But if your feeling of unappreciated is persistent, it's not situational. If you often feel that your partner doesn't appreciate your efforts to make them happy, big or small, you're probably putting too much effort into a relationship.

It doesn't mean you did anything wrong. You can do the same in a different relationship and feel grateful. It depends on whether your partner can see the effort and effort you put into the relationship.

2. When we put too much into a relationship, it's normal to expect something in return.

Like any relationship in life, there are good and bad. There's happiness and there's fighting, but if you're always fighting and the bad mood is bigger than the good mood, then you're probably putting too much effort into the relationship. Although a relationship is difficult, you need to maintain it together at the beginning. But if your relationship becomes like your job, you may need to take a good look at it again.

3. Your needs are not being met.

Let's look at the relationship from another Angle. You put in too much effort not only for what you do but also for what you get in return. Taking care of your partner, supporting them, spending time with their family, even supporting them financially, may not sound like much of an effort.

But when you do so much for your partner, it's unbalanced for him to enjoy all your good things without doing anything for you.

4. They want you in their lives.

If your partner takes your efforts for granted, they may start to expect your commitment regularly. It's nice to get used to being treated in a certain way, but when they expect you to fit into their lives and schedules, you start to feel overworked.

Do you have to change your plan to meet their needs? Do you only see their friends? Do you participate in their work activities? Of course, relationships require compromise. If you're the only one who compromises, that's not right.

5. You're exhausted. If your relationship makes you feel more tired than your job, that's a problem. Your relationship should inspire and motivate you. We all have habits, but if talking to your partner makes you think it's time to take a nap, you're too engaged. Spending time together and communicating should make things easier and make you feel better, not worse.

6. They manipulate you.

It's a hard question to see. The whole idea behind manipulation is that you don't realize it, at least until it's too late. If you later find yourself questioning your behavior or feeling persuaded to apologize when it wasn't necessary, you're desperately looking for a partner who isn't worth it.

If you put in too much effort, your partner may take advantage of your caring and kind nature. They don't deserve your effort.

7. They won't make time for you.

This is one I have a lot of experience with. I had a relationship, and I convinced myself that he was just busy, so I texted first. If I ask him out, he'll make an excuse. If something "better" comes along, he collapses.

But, when it's convenient for him, he has no other plans, and he wants me to drop everything to see him. When someone deserves your love and effort, they make time for you, even if it's not convenient.