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What to wear on an elite date: dos and don’ts

You've heard this, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world,” are the enduring words of fashion icon Marilyn Monroe. But what if you're not wearing the right shoes? This means that it may be hard for you to get over the fact that you can walk easily with your date. The truth is, what you wear does affect how you behave.

That's why choosing the right outfit for an elite date is so difficult.

We turn to our wardrobes and just think that if we choose the wrong clothes, dating will be like a disastrous AD for Dr. Pepper. So, if you want to have a perfect date with rich people , here are some tips to help you look your best.

Do think about the location

Before you go on an appointment, think about your location. While that shiny dress or well-tailored suit will give you a lot of confidence, they may not be right for your date today. If your elitist date means you have to dress up, you're wrong. For a date at a park or time cafe, you'd better dress casually and comfortably. Don't make your clothes look like they're borrowed or uncomfortable. Being relaxed and comfortable is the key to keeping the conversation flowing and relaxed.

Do wear something you know you look good in

Instead of buying a beautiful but ill-fitting dress the day before your date, choose an outfit you know well. Think about clothes that make you feel relaxed and confident, clothes you've been complimented on in the past, colors people always say look great on you. Wear something you know you look good and your natural confidence will shine through.

Start simple and match

If you really don't know what to wear, go back to basics. Choose a simple outfit, such as blue, and a simple plain T-shirt. Then add layers and attachments based on the weather or location. If you are going out, wear a heavy coat; If it's sunny, wear a pair of sunglasses. If you're going to dinner, wear a stylish jacket. Keep it simple and you'll find nothing to worry about.

Don’t hide who you are

Don't suddenly decide to wear crocs just because you see them on your date Instagram. If you want your relationship to last, be honest about who you are from the start and they will love you for who you are.

Don’t dress too smart on the first date

It's important to remember that. By all means, dress smarter than usual for the first date -- after all, you want to make a good impression -- but save your best for the next date. Who knows where you're going? You don't want to play your trump card.

Don’t wear anything that you can’t walk in, eat in, or breathe in

This is especially important for fancy dinner dates, but it also applies to all occasions. As ridiculous as this may sound, just make sure the clothes you choose don't interfere with your normal behavior. Also, avoid making a bad impression on your date.

Whatever you decide to wear, remember that the date is special. It's an opportunity to connect with others. This is not an interview or a business meeting. It may only last a cup or two, so don't be afraid of it -- think of it as a special event for you and enjoy it.