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If you want to make an impression on your elite single partner on your first date , you've come to the right place at elite dating websites. With our dating guide and tips help, you won't be embarrassed on the first date. A lot of people don't know where to go on a first date, what to say, and now your problems can be solved today.

We are here to help you do better. Here are five tips for the perfect date for you and your mate:

First of all, I got to know him from talking to him. A good place to start is to see if they are active. If they enjoy the outdoors, show them what you know about the area and take them to a place only you know, or at least a special place. Remember, taking him to a mysterious cave you've discovered won't create a romantic atmosphere for your date. This creates the wrong atmosphere, and chances are your date will send a panicked message to their loved one for help. For the most part, couples choose an open space for their first date, which can also help keep them apart. A nice park is a good choice. You can sit on the bench side by side and chat. You can see many couples hanging out in the park. Being relaxed allows you to get to know each other better.

If they are sports fans, the choice is obvious: take them to a local team game. It doesn't even have to be their favorite sport. If they're football fans, why not take them to a hockey game? Attending a new sporting event is a great opening gambit and provides plenty of opportunities for discussion. Another way is to make yourself vulnerable. If they really like football and you don't know anything about it, ask them if they'd be interested in teaching you. If you think about it more, it shows that you are trying to get to know them and find common ground despite your differences. It also sends a very clear signal that you are open-minded. On a first date, all good information needs to get out.

Besides, if they are not sporty and hate the outdoors and couldn’t draw a circle with a compass, then chances are you will have to look into something more accessible. But don't worry, we haven't quite mastered the art of first dates yet. Most dating profiles have information about what type of music people are listening to, and if they don't, this is a great way to ask for a new conversation. Then, your job is to do some research on upcoming events in and around your area and get tickets.

If they don't like being in nature, have no interest in art or music, and they think hockey is boring, you need to ask yourself what the hell you're doing and want to date a corpse. I joke, but seriously, if a person doesn't like any of these, it means that what they like is likely to be a major part of their life, probably an important part of their dating profile. Do your research and speak more to find out what it is. I hope it's not Furbies or Furries. If you don't know what the latter is, don't say it. You better not know.

Considering all of the above first date tips, your activity options should allow for conversation, but also provide a distraction from the stress of not having to talk all the time. Dating an elite single may be boring than dating other people, but as long as you are open, he/she can also become humorous and fun. On top of that, the first date should be fun, and if all goes well, it can become a topic of conversation and move the relationship forward to the next meet-up.